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Singularly-harvested with Love

A lot of people ask us about where we get our beautiful slabs of wood, and the answer really is all around. ¬†At JOHNHOUSHMAND we don’t harvest wood for our furniture but instead utilize trees that have been felled or damaged by storms, need to be cut down due to safety or otherwise. ¬†Hobart, New […]

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W Hotel New York Lexington Benches

As a followup to our last post on the W Hotel in Hoboken, we thought we’d share another piece JOHNHOUSHMAND created for the W Hotel New York Lexington Avenue. This pair of Extinct Old Growth Heart Pine Low Benches were constructed for the Extreme Wow Penthouse Suite terrace. These old growth heart pine timbers were […]

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Hudson Valley Fireplace Mantel

JOHNHOUSHMAND just finished installing a sublime fireplace mantel, No. 0210, in one of architect Jo Machinist’s creations in the heart of the Hudson River Valley. This beautifully pastoral area is home to the Hudson River School, where painters Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, and Frederic Church painted the valley in all its romantic glory. This mantelpiece […]

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