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Chutes and Ladders

You may have been wondering what the guys at the shop have been developing with this new system of armatures.  Here is the newest prototype!  It may look complicated.  And that’s because it is. These rollercoaster-esque columns, or as we like to call them “stems”, are a part of our newest architectural project.  The possibilities […]

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Inked Up

Our newest custom finish is pure beauty without the pain:  tattooed wood and acrylic.  At JOHNHOUSHMAND we love the natural and uncontrollable characteristics in salvaged wood but this “tattoo” finish is a custom dream. At the shop upstate we create a CAD drawing of the desired graphic and send it to a CNC machine which […]

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Springing Forward

With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner we’ve decided to show our Irish spirit by adding a touch of green to our newest dining table, No. 0233. No. 0233, the two slab bookmatch black walnut square dining table with laquered metal tube legs is JOHNHOUSHMAND‘s first foray into color.  The twelve green legs act […]

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Out of Sight Out of Mind?

At JOHNHOUSHMAND we are continuously looking for unexpected beauty in trees, glass, and metal.  One of our most recent sources of inspiration has come from a surprising place:  underground. The root of a tree is something that most people don’t think twice about, but we sure do.  In fact, this Cherry Root Coffee Table (No. […]

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Singularly-harvested with Love

A lot of people ask us about where we get our beautiful slabs of wood, and the answer really is all around.  At JOHNHOUSHMAND we don’t harvest wood for our furniture but instead utilize trees that have been felled or damaged by storms, need to be cut down due to safety or otherwise.  Hobart, New […]

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Audio Slideshow: A Chair Out of Thin Air?

The CLEARLY FUNCTIONAL line came to be from the wish to marry the airy glassine quality of acrylic with the substantial and vital quality of wood. The design world is full of plastic and acrylic products which for the most part we find alienating, ugly, and harsh. It was considered that if we could transform […]

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Audio Slideshow: “Martian Dice” – A Friendly Alien for Your Living Room

Years ago I began playing with a series of visual languages that emanated from dice…that magical little pair of cubes that has an almost platonic and mystical appeal. A numbering system that jives with a cube-face multi-dimensionality, and all the while screaming the mysterious rules of chance and probability. That resulted in page after page […]

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Coming Soon: The Nicaragua “One Tree Project” Audio Slideshow

The OneTree Project was born out of an extraordinary sequence of events…a meeting between Eric Poncon and John Houshmand in New York where they found their paths in a curious parallel (and a promise to “do something exciting together someday…”), the devastation of 3 million acres of forest lands in northeast Nicaragua’s indigenous frontier region […]

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