New York Magazine’s Design Hunting Gallery features Cast Aluminum Dining Table

Elegantly clad design enthusiasts came together on Monday May 16th at the Design Hunting Gallery, Drive-In Studios to celebrate the Audi A8. New York Magazine‘s Wendy Goodman put together this stylish even featuring Audi’s new car accessorized by five finely crafted, cutting edge designs. Pieces on view included hand-blown glass lamps by Lindsey Adelman, wood totems by Chris Lehrecke, a rocking lounge chair by Bonetti/Kozerski Studio, a raw cotton ottoman by Jim Zivic, and JOHNHOUSHMAND‘s No. 0103.3 Cast Aluminum Dining Table.

Included designers were hand selected for their embodiment of Audi’s dual goals of technical excellence and unparalleled style. Here is what the curators had to say:

John Houshmand found his muse in Mother Nature; he approaches all of his work allowing the naturally harvested materials he uses to guide the creative process. Before being mounted on black walnut legs, his iconic cast aluminum table was poured with pure aluminum — the same astonishingly strong yet amazingly light ingredient in the frame of the new Audi A8. Like Houshmand’s masterpiece, the Audi ASF® is liberated by a balance of sleek style and lightweight engineering that results in a breathtakingly beautiful yet efficiently sound design.

It was a beautiful evening of hors d’oeuvres and champagne, surrounded by inspiring design items in a gallery setting. Take a look at the slideshow we put together!

Photographs were taken by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for New York.

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