New ClearSpan Building Completed

Our co-workers in the Catskills have been as busy as bees! They have just finished building a new ClearSpan building to store our JOHNHOUSHMAND reclaimed wood slabs. A year ago, a snowfall of an impressive 54 inches caused the roof of one of our smaller slab storage units to collapse. Our entire slab inventory, which consists of thousands, needed to be combined into one cramped center with slab piles stacked at nearly 8 to 10 feet high!

This new building will almost double the storage space we currently have, with an additional benefit: to air-dry slabs in order to shorten kiln-drying time. During a Catskills summer, the heat from the sun on the fabric roof of the building combined with the breeze from open doors allows the slabs to dry quickly yet evenly. We are thrilled that this process will reduce the energy needed to make our beautiful tables, thus making an organic product even greener!

The ClearSpan building is made of galvanized steel frames and a fabric roofing cover. It measures 195 feet long, 55 feet wide, and 22 feet high. Definitely a great sized space to comfortably house our precious organic slabs!

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