Just One Isn’t Enough: Black Walnut & Bronze Patina Consoles

Variations within individual wood logs are such that different segments will show a wide range of personality. These three console tables, No. 0050.1, No. 0050.2, and No. 0050.3 each have their own distinctive flavor. The black walnut tops were crafted from squared off roundbacks and are in line with JOHNHOUSHMAND‘s philosophy of using the entire tree. A pair of perpendicular bronze patina legs were then attached to complete each piece.

These three consoles are being sent off to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta (covered previously on this blog) where they will be used in hallways and entryways. These consoles would translate perfectly to the home: in a foyer collecting car keys and mail, a unique sidebar set-up at a cocktail party, or showcasing family photos and keepsakes behind a couch.

Though no matter the use it is clear, repetition of this kind is far from boring. One just isn’t enough!

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