This week JOHNHOUSHMAND & Sixx Design put their creativity together to exponential effect in creating a MICROSLAB HARVEST BASKET. This functional sculpture was specifically envisioned for a Sixx Design segment on an upcoming Rachael Ray Show Thanksgiving Special and is perfect for playtime and adult entertaining alike.

JOHNHOUSHMAND was first approached by our friends in design, Cortney and Robert Novogratz of Sixx Design, with an open proposition: create a structure on their elegant Manhattan patio that would celebrate the coming Thanksgiving festivities. Taking into account the West Street Townhouse’s narrow front entrance, this was no simple task, as the materials would have to be snaked in through the front door and up the stairs.

JOHNHOUSHMAND‘s solution to the dilemma was to use an assortment of flexible Spalted Maple Microslab panels and good old packing twine to “engineer” an intersecting basket / hut. The first piece was a pure sine wave that arced under the basket and over the hut… pure geometry heading towards pure artisanship.

With the help of Sixx Design’s seven energetic children and a Japanese hand saw, we created a final product that can be enjoyed best by those with that rarest of qualities: an active imagination.

To fuel your own creative bug we recommend Sixx Design’s BRAVO show 9 by Design with clips available on, and their fantastic website – make sure to check out their Projects Page HERE.

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