The No. 0130 strikes again…


Our No. 0130 bar is a constant recipient of praise from visitors to our showroom, and not just because they are lingering around it imbibing cocktails at events. It is fetching in all regards as well as efficient. While installing a sister bar to ours for Bungalow Hotel, the clients overseeing the project fell prey to our design’s charms. They happened to be in the midst of building their own office headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey and, while it would be nice to have a bar at work some days, it was not in the plans, but…they were looking to create a signature wall in their lobby that would be viewed by all passersby by through their floor to ceiling window. Perchance could the bar morph into a wall application? Absolutely. We adapted the design into a seamless installation and the result, as you can see in the pictures, resounds and reverberates in the space and into the street. As breathtaking and monumental as it is in daylight, it is that much more so in the evening when the lobby glows from within.

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