During its existence, the Berlin Wall represented the segregation and oppression the government of the German Democratic Republic imposed upon its people. When East and West Germany were reunified, overnight the Berlin Wall became the quintessential symbol of freedom, democracy and the ultimate end of the Cold War.


JOHNHOUSHMAND is honored to announce its acquisition of a rare section from the East German side of the Berlin Wall to be used in a unique sculptural furniture piece. The authenticated Berlin Wall slab measures 3′ x 8′ x 3 5/8″, weighs in at 800 pounds, and originates from a private collection originally procured from the Checkpoint Charley Museum in Berlin, circa 1990. Currently, John is believed to be one of the only designers in the world in possession of one of these unique pieces.


The Berlin Wall piece has been authenticated through petrographic analysis, which involved comparing a microscopic section with a control sample of known East German Berlin Wall. The results of this analysis were conclusive in showing the composition of both the known and unknown samples were identical.


The plan for the section held by JOHNHOUSHMAND is a dining room table, as seen in the just released rendering, to showcase this rare historical artifact. When asked what inspires him to create this piece, John replied: When the evolutionary force of humanity breaks down walls, and dissolves the oppression of decades, the opportunity to take an actual piece of that diabolical architecture and to elevate it into an artistic and symbolic work is so rare. The design challenge is to capture the darkness, transform it, and give it elegance and freedom… With craft, material marriages, and an inspired design that transformation is made real.

Berlin_blog_2John hopes upon hope this table serves not only as a functional sculptural fine art piece, but also a means to bring people together to encourage intelligent thought and discussion over the significance of such a historically relevant artifact’s past as well as what it can teach us for the present and future.

For more information on The Berlin Wall Table, please contact Heather Huber Miccio at 212-965-1238 or Further information as the piece is made will be available on the blog at

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