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Tierra Adentro, or Inner Land, is John’s home in Mexico that was named in reference to the undiscovered country that the Spanish had yet to conquer and Christianize in central Mexico. It comprises part of a historical land that was the refuge of proud revolutionaries. Moreover, there is a second meaning implied that refers to the unknown frontier inside each one of us.

Built in conjunction with architect David Howell, this hacienda is stunning and peppered with John’s furniture designs. A sparkling thermal pool, bathing tubs almost as big as the pool, an art studio and outdoor dining patios, among many other features, truly make this a retreat that will nourish the soul and make you feel worlds away from any of the worries of your 9 to 5. Or if you want a more social experience, there are 4 master bedrooms, 2 smaller bedrooms, as well as the art studio and music room that can be converted into sleeping areas that can in total accommodate up to 16 people.

The house is located 7 miles outside the quaint artisan town of San Miguel Allende near Atotonilco, or Place of the Hot Waters, where you can still visit springs from which curative waters bubble forth. The church in town has come to be known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Americas” because of the frescoes that adorn the walls and ceilings in a riotous outpouring of Mexican folk art.

John is a generous man and has made his home available for rental and has since seen weddings, photo shoots, and vacationers take advantage of the opportunity. It is a trip that you will want to relive again and again, but if you are still not convinced, keep in mind you will be treated to fresh guacamole and homemade salsa every morning made by the house staff.

Interior Design magazine did a feature article on Tierra Adentro in their June 2008 issue, and you can read more about it there or visit the website You might want to have your bags packed before you take a look because you will be ready to depart as soon as you are done exploring the details of Tierra Adentro.

Hasta la vista!

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