Extensions and Intentions


It will not surprise anyone to learn that John Houshmand studied sculpture with Irwin Hauer at Yale in his undergraduate days. His furniture design reflects qualities he learned with this tutelage, and John continues to pursue making sculpture inspired by his roots. His sculptures are created to evoke a resonance within the viewer’s mind and body. Each piece’s essence is a primordial form with a specific psycho-emotional power. These forms are then executed within a material selection that is at the same time sensual, natural, and insistent. A specific signature is added to each that might be the cast hand of the artist’s own, or the addition of a tiny tree as an origination device.

The intention is to create an experience of creation and bind it to the unique personal act of self-remembering. What is given is essential form or template, manifestation into the world, and then personalization. The forms are actually geometries of the spirit, melodies of the invisible, vectors of the primordial. Real forms that have real force and power. The arch, the spiral-helix, the ladder, the tree, and the bow are all archetypical forms, each with an eternal and insistent imperative.

The seed becomes the tree becomes the seed becomes the tree. As above, so below; as within, so without.

The work is currently on view at hous projects gallery until June 18 so run, do not walk, over and discover a new dimension of John Houshmand.

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