Art. Architecture. Real Estate. Luxury. Design. The triumvirate powerhouse of architect Inson Wood, real estate developer Kate Shin, and realtor royalty Ivanka Trump have teamed up to re-brand and re-launch The Waterfall Mansion on Manhattan’s upper East Side. And JOHNHOUSHMAND is thrilled to have been embraced in this lifestyle vision.

Featuring Manhattan’s tallest indoor waterfall, the interiors have been brilliantly executed by Inson Wood.  Conveying his passion about living with great art every day, Inson has installed a stellar range across style and media. With tapestries by Chagall and Picasso, carpets by DuBuffet, sculptures by Edwina Sandys, Murakami and Auguste Garufi, paintings by Warhol, Richter and Justin Bower

And, there is art as furniture.  Mixed in amongst all of these luminaries, also in an array of media, are multiple JOHNHOUSHMAND pieces.

We would love to take you on a personal tour of The Waterfall Mansion. Please call the showroom to schedule your exclusive visit 212-965-1238.

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