Pulling our weight

Weighing in at a ton…in this corner…the White Brick Club Chair.

White Brick Club Chair

Blurring the line between outdoor and indoor furniture to the hilt, the club chair was designed in a continuation of John Houshmand’s material-led style. Moreover, it was also conceived in reaction to a flood of live-edge wood design that hit the market a few years after John resurrected the concept. In-house the line was deemed…The Retaliation Collection! (More on this in a future post…)

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, John envisioned the design after eyeing a literal pile of bricks that had been cast aside from an installation at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York. Since John and Mary have been cohorts through his building her home as well as galleries, she was pleased to see them taken into his hands for a rebirth.

Striking in its physical presence, many a visitor to the showroom has skeptically sat down only to become awash in shock and awe at its comfortable grip. There is even a certain individual who attends all our openings and events who beelines with a glass of wine in hand to relax in its embrace and remains there for the duration of the party like a king holding court.

Do note: there is a sly inclusion of wood amongst the rank and file bricks. Perfectly placed on the lower right side, a solitary Black Walnut brick enters the mix to bear the chair’s style and edition number as well as John’s signature. Like all of our pieces, each work created is an individual and marked as such for provenance and posterity. And like all of our pieces, we love wood just a little too much to see it a total absence of it in any one of our designs.

Perfect for an urban garden or the living room, the White Brick Club Chair is solid as a rock.

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