Sometimes, the most intriguing features are created by the simplest forms.

Little round discs clinging innocuously to the side of a tree; this colony of fungi takes hold of a tree and weaves their roots into its core. In a process called spalting, these deep roots develop atypical markings throughout the grain, unique to each tree. Although it is what ultimately kills the tree, the black, brown, and amber ribbons entwine and crisscross their way through the tree’s fibrous tissue, leaving splendid coloration in their wake.

At JOHNHOUSHMAND we believe creativity is born through many iterations. A 16″ block would normally be perceived as a mundane object. But, when John began playing around with groups of beautifully spalted maple blocks, the idea for “Dreamscape Sculptures” began to take shape. These functional sculptures, No. 0274.1 and No. 02741.2 , are available in other compositions and can be arranged in a customized design to fit within the client’s space. The individuality of each block adds to the original nature of each of our custom dreamscapes.

Lots of creative block here.

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