Wood, glass and bronze! Oh my!

Wall treatments have always been a specialty in the world of JOHNHOUSHMAND. We strive to create striking pieces that resonate in the hearts of our clients and break the mold of conventional design.

With this in mind, the same clients that commissioned us to create their silently expanding banquet table No. 0216, wanted us to create a statement piece for their refined master suite bathroom, designed by Alene Workman. (Read all about our collaboration with Alene and her amazing team in our earlier post).

They longed for something that was elegant while engaging the airy, bright space.

JOHNHOUSHMAND’s solution was No. 0214, a serpentine sculptural screen mimicking the flow of the passing tides of the Atlantic. The 2.5” bronze curves are backed with frosted glass creating the ethereal lighting that gives way to a peaceful oasis, setting the tone for the room.

At a massive 8 feet by 5 feet, this bronze beauty transports the soul to a place of tranquility.

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