Some of our greatest design inspirations arrive when we are stuck in a pickle.

One of our lovely clients adored their cast aluminum dining table  No. 0103.3 so much that they wanted a coffee table that coordinated and complimented it!

They loved the combination of wood and glass from  No. 0187 and the intersecting slabs through glass of  No. 0094. Yet despite their love of wood for the organic beauty of grains and wormholes, they wanted their summer home in the tropics of the Philippine archipelago to have a cool and crisp aesthetic. Along with straying away from the warmth of wood the clients wanted a round table instead of a traditional square.

Always up for a design challenge, we came up with the revolutionary No. 0265! The clean lines of glass juxtaposed with the elegant sheen of the intersecting mulberry cast aluminum slabs create an effect that is not only striking but also refreshing with the ingenuity of the seemingly impossible combining of glass and aluminum. Together, these materials beget the illusion of majestic glaciers amongst the frozen splendor of the Artic. Now our clients can escape the balmy climate by moving indoors and refreshing with this cool new addition!

At JOHNHOUSHMAND we love to sit back and chill… after the challenge has been met.

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