Starlight, Star Bright, Shined Beautifully Last Night at JOHNHOUSHMAND PROJECTS ..

Exhibition Collage

JOHNHOUSHMAND Noestheden Exhibition Before Guests Arrived

Last night’s opening of John Noestheden‘s Universe Drawings was a glittering success!  Guests from all over the Tri-State area, Canada and Europe came to meet the artist and celebrate these brilliant pieces. In view of our recent weather challenges, the cosmic drawings and atmospheric skyscapes inspired us enormously.

John Noestheden shared with us his long standing interest in astronomy and his “first hand experiences of phenomonology from the universe.”   Referring to images from the Hubble telescope, the artist described photos of the universe “that are so dense they look like they are touching, but are not.” John uses Swarovski silver crystals, up to 30,000 in just one piece, meticulously placed one at a time.

John Houshmand  expressed that he is “delighted by this collaboration with the JHB Gallery and this wonderful artist. His work brings an ethereal lightness and beauty to our showroom space.”

Photos from the opening


Our youngest fan and perhaps our future artist !

Here is a brief bio of John Noestheden from the JHB Gallery official press release:

” For over two decades, John Noestheden has been creating a body of large-scale works on paper whose conceptual focus is the representation of the universe, a glimpse into the divine sublime. Using a range of media, including acrylic ink, paint, silver crystals, and titanium ore, in often hugely labor-intensive processes, Noestheden’s drawings embody a personal vocabulary that is an amalgam of cosmological documents including star and constellation maps, Hubble photographs, celestial events, historical and current astronomy drawings. This exhibition, Noestheden’s first in New York, is an unprecedented opportunity to see a large selection of the artist’s work together in one space.”

John & Noestheden

Creatives United! John Houshmand (left) and John Noestheden (right)

Exhibition continues through January 2, 2013

Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm or by appointment.

For further information, contact Gary Hulton at 212.255.9286 or by email at or Shari Lebowitz at 212-965-1238 or by email at

We look forward to seeing you at JOHNHOUSHMAND PROJECTS!

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