Endless Possibilities

In April we announced a new custom finish:  Tattooed Acrylic and Wood.  Now after months of experimentation and anticipation we are excited to present our first tattooed table:  the No. 0238 acrylic side table with black legs and a cicada “graphic tattoo”.

JOHNHOUSHMAND - No. 0238 Tattooed Cicada Side Table

We first unveiled this piece in May at our booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (see below).  With a treatment like this tattoo the possibilities really are endless!  The fill color, width of line, graphic, and material are all up to the imagination.  As you can see here, we decided to emblazon our very first tattooed product with one of John’s favorite creatures:  the cicada.  You may know this mysterious insect from the cicada song that can be heard in the summertime in heavily wooded areas.  We’ve learned to embrace cicadas even though they can damage and cause scarring to tree branches.  Just like a beauty mark, we see this natural marking as something to be proud of.

JOHNHOUSHMAND - No. 0238 Tattooed Cicada Side Table

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