JOHNHOUSHMAND was recently featured on luxe men’s lifestyle blog LIFTLUXE. Here is what the sophisticated daily had to say about our cutting edge designs:

Some vet their appreciation for nature by going on hikes or donating to their local conservatory. John Houshmand hacks up trees. Quite beautifully, we might add. The upstate NY-based designer has been working with wood for decades and won the 2005 Chrysler Design Innovator award for his functional art, ironically disguised as furniture. Equal parts minimalist and conservationist, Houshmand’s work is stunningly simple, crafted from glass, steel, and, most importantly, wood left in its natural state wormholes, awkward shapes, and all. Various collections include the Shazam, a series of timber-wrapped glass tables and benches that utilize slabs of striking woods like maple to black walnut, as well as the Clearly Functional, an artistic and elegant blend of acrylic, glass, and walnut. While Houshmand has amazing finished products for sale, he is also available for custom work.

JOHNHOUSHMAND Low Table No. 0187

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