No. 0173.5 – Coffee Table of the Gods

The newest addition to the JOHNHOUSHMAND collection, Low Table No. 0173.5, is large – to say the least. Slightly over 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep – it fondly engendered the name “Coffee Table of the Gods” around our production facility.

This table was created from a unique black walnut that crotched into six different branches, like a close knit family. We are certain that the influence of such a totemic centerpiece will breed a similar sense of congeniality in the home of its new owners.

No.0173.5 Coffe Table JOHNHOUSHMAND
The unique shape of this low table particularly inspires informal entertaining – the far hanging shoots call out for a bowl of dip or a wine glass (or both), while the organic outline of the table tempts one to pull up a pillow and relax with friends and a deck of cards.

However the table is ultimately used, it is sure to bring much visual enjoyment for years to come.

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