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Sticks & Stones

They say first impressions last a lifetime – and we sure hope they do when you enter the new W New York – Downtown at 123 Washington Street.  Our latest project, No. 0235, a Black Walnut dowel reception desk with a granite top, really is a statement piece. Actualized in collaboration with our good friends […]

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Time Can Tell

Introducing Petrified Wood, the grandfather to Spalted Maple, Black Walnut, Bubinga, Oak and Pine.  Petrified Wood is the newest addition to JOHNHOUSHMAND‘s library of materials. Petrified Wood is wood that has been fossilized due to pressure over decades.  It takes less than 100 years for the transformation to take place resulting in beautiful slabs of […]

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Inked Up

Our newest custom finish is pure beauty without the pain:  tattooed wood and acrylic.  At JOHNHOUSHMAND we love the natural and uncontrollable characteristics in salvaged wood but this “tattoo” finish is a custom dream. At the shop upstate we create a CAD drawing of the desired graphic and send it to a CNC machine which […]

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Playing With Marbles

Every so often I get a hankering to bring in some new materials to work with and when it’s stone, there’s nothing quite like marble… Man has been using marble since the day he figured out how to cut and shape rock to do his bidding. I had some ideas on how it could do […]

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