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The No. 0130 strikes again…

Our No. 0130 bar is a constant recipient of praise from visitors to our showroom, and not just because they are lingering around it imbibing cocktails at events. It is fetching in all regards as well as efficient. While installing a sister bar to ours for Bungalow Hotel, the clients overseeing the project fell prey […]

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Summertime…and the living is easy

The summer is finally upon us in New York. With the emergence of the sun and long evenings and summer Fridays, it seems the whole city is buzzing as people pack their suitcases to escape for long weekends. And now there is a brand new place to go kick back and soak up all that […]

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Down Mexico Way

Tierra Adentro, or Inner Land, is John’s home in Mexico that was named in reference to the undiscovered country that the Spanish had yet to conquer and Christianize in central Mexico. It comprises part of a historical land that was the refuge of proud revolutionaries. Moreover, there is a second meaning implied that refers to […]

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The Greenwich Hotel

Robert DeNiro is a major proponent and believer in the greatness of New York City and for his latest statement, he opened a boutique hotel on the cobblestone streets of Tribeca. With 88 rooms, of which no two are furnished alike, in room check in, delivery of your hometown newspaper, and refrigerators stocked with your […]

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Thank you for being our friend

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days when you saw something you liked and went into a store to learn more about it or called to inquire? It seems the transition to an online culture is inevitable for a business, and so we have decided to strike out into the mix of social networking to […]

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Extensions and Intentions

It will not surprise anyone to learn that John Houshmand studied sculpture with Irwin Hauer at Yale in his undergraduate days. His furniture design reflects qualities he learned with this tutelage, and John continues to pursue making sculpture inspired by his roots. His sculptures are created to evoke a resonance within the viewer’s mind and […]

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