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Where in The World Are We?

View John Houshmand Locations in a larger map At John Houshmand, we believe in getting out of the office – way out. That’s why, in addition to our New York showroom in SOHO, and our state-of-the-art workshop in the Catskills of upstate, we also have a marvelous hideout called Tierra Adentro in Mexico. Located just […]

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Fish Sticks: NYC’s Nobu Showcases our Work

The Nobu project was originated in the design world of the Rockwell Group, with an intention to bring the beauty and soul of wood into this very specific urban space. Of course the influence of Japanese aesthetics and their affection for wood was a paramount piece of the paradigm. From the slab wood and glass […]

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Audio Slideshow: A Chair Out of Thin Air?

The CLEARLY FUNCTIONAL line came to be from the wish to marry the airy glassine quality of acrylic with the substantial and vital quality of wood. The design world is full of plastic and acrylic products which for the most part we find alienating, ugly, and harsh. It was considered that if we could transform […]

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Audio Slideshow: “Martian Dice” – A Friendly Alien for Your Living Room

Years ago I began playing with a series of visual languages that emanated from dice…that magical little pair of cubes that has an almost platonic and mystical appeal. A numbering system that jives with a cube-face multi-dimensionality, and all the while screaming the mysterious rules of chance and probability. That resulted in page after page […]

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Audio Slideshow: “Saddle Shoes”

Polarity was a theme that took off as a result of the Martian Dice crap game. Wood has such bipolar visual divergence, the most pronounced being ebony against sitka spruce. Not your best combination for furniture, each being prized for its musical instrument qualities and hyper-rare. However, our Eastern mountains are replete with maple and […]

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Coming Soon: The Nicaragua “One Tree Project” Audio Slideshow

The OneTree Project was born out of an extraordinary sequence of events…a meeting between Eric Poncon and John Houshmand in New York where they found their paths in a curious parallel (and a promise to “do something exciting together someday…”), the devastation of 3 million acres of forest lands in northeast Nicaragua’s indigenous frontier region […]

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New Workshop Completed

The work we do requires space. Lots of space. That means we need mountains and fields in which to find trees, acres of land to deliver, organize, and mill, tens of thousands of square feet to air dry, store, (and play) and a huge workshop in order to reincarnate these trees as works of art. […]

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