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The Search for Unique Woods

Unique logs are hard to find, hard to acquire responsibly, hard to take down, hard to truck, and generally a serious logistical challenge. But when the wood Santa arrives, it is so very worth it. Here two large black walnuts on the doorstep after a trip cross country. They were sourced from a homeowner who […]

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OUR SILVER BULLET! The Cast Aluminum “Slab”

Not content to receive nature’s blessings, we have decided to push the envelope…. Originally conceived as part of our “Retaliation Collection” (more about that later…), we have taken a selection of extraordinary slabs of wood, and made molds from them, casting them into aluminum slabs. With all the cool beauty of white metals, and the […]

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“In addition to our NYC showroom (The Portal to Imagination!), we have just opened our west coast showroom at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Also featuring the Hous Projects gallery, this 3000SF space is visual caviar, with exceptional pieces of JOHNHOUSHMAND functional art combined with the work emerging international artists. The collection gives […]

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Audio Slideshow: About John Houshmand

At  John Houshmand we like all sorts of toys including Dozuki saws, belt sanders, high-speed drills, huge chainsaws and other dangerous stuff that allows us to make our creations. But we also love digital MP3 recorders, hi-def video cameras, Twitter, Flip video recorders, Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and any other technology that helps us tell a good story […]

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Audio Slideshow: A Chair Out of Thin Air?

The CLEARLY FUNCTIONAL line came to be from the wish to marry the airy glassine quality of acrylic with the substantial and vital quality of wood. The design world is full of plastic and acrylic products which for the most part we find alienating, ugly, and harsh. It was considered that if we could transform […]

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Audio Slideshow: “Martian Dice” – A Friendly Alien for Your Living Room

Years ago I began playing with a series of visual languages that emanated from dice…that magical little pair of cubes that has an almost platonic and mystical appeal. A numbering system that jives with a cube-face multi-dimensionality, and all the while screaming the mysterious rules of chance and probability. That resulted in page after page […]

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Audio Slideshow: “Saddle Shoes”

Polarity was a theme that took off as a result of the Martian Dice crap game. Wood has such bipolar visual divergence, the most pronounced being ebony against sitka spruce. Not your best combination for furniture, each being prized for its musical instrument qualities and hyper-rare. However, our Eastern mountains are replete with maple and […]

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