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JOHNHOUSHMAND featured on the Robb Report

The Robb Report magazine and website covers all manner of luxury lifestyle such as sneak peeks into the top hotels in Las Vegas, Dubai and Paris, review of British shoemaker Barker Black, musings on “Car of the Year 2011” winner Ferrari 458 Italia, news from the 2011 Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami, as well […]

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We Had Some Snow….

Working in the north country can be a challenge in the depth of winter…. Last week’s snowstorm made for some interesting scenes…. (Needless to say, we all missed a day of work!)

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Grand Canyon Table

After hoisting the components of this mammoth table up to a NYC Park Ave apartment on the roof of the elevator, the piece was assembled in situ. Engineered to come apart and back together perfectly, pitons and all, the finished piece is astounding for its design, elegance, craftsmanship, and engineering….

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OUR SILVER BULLET! The Cast Aluminum “Slab”

Not content to receive nature’s blessings, we have decided to push the envelope…. Originally conceived as part of our “Retaliation Collection” (more about that later…), we have taken a selection of extraordinary slabs of wood, and made molds from them, casting them into aluminum slabs. With all the cool beauty of white metals, and the […]

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The landscape of our lives is inspirational, always. Here we have graphed it into the classic topographical map and tucked it nicely under glass…sexy legs….good color… the works. Talk about mixed metaphors! We can of course take your backyard, your family estate, even your bedsheets and topo them. This should be fun. And serious. And […]

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Sometimes the cycle of life is writ so large it makes your eyes pop… High in the Pacific Northwest a mammoth tree went into decline. Having lived at the confluence of two rivers, it grew to astounding proportions. The takedown history, and the resulting slabs, are also of astounding proportions. Each slab measuring 8′ WIDE […]

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We proudly present the Micro slab/Glass Duet! Caught between the desire to show the fractal elegance of character grade wood and the curse of its forcible nature, we created the micro slab. All the beauty with one-tenth the weight. What better to do than gift-wrap a perfect low iron glass box with it. We have […]

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“In addition to our NYC showroom (The Portal to Imagination!), we have just opened our west coast showroom at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Also featuring the Hous Projects gallery, this 3000SF space is visual caviar, with exceptional pieces of JOHNHOUSHMAND functional art combined with the work emerging international artists. The collection gives […]

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Audio Slideshow: A Chair Out of Thin Air?

The CLEARLY FUNCTIONAL line came to be from the wish to marry the airy glassine quality of acrylic with the substantial and vital quality of wood. The design world is full of plastic and acrylic products which for the most part we find alienating, ugly, and harsh. It was considered that if we could transform […]

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Coming Soon: The Nicaragua “One Tree Project” Audio Slideshow

The OneTree Project was born out of an extraordinary sequence of events…a meeting between Eric Poncon and John Houshmand in New York where they found their paths in a curious parallel (and a promise to “do something exciting together someday…”), the devastation of 3 million acres of forest lands in northeast Nicaragua’s indigenous frontier region […]

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