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New ClearSpan Building Completed

Our co-workers in the Catskills have been as busy as bees! They have just finished building a new ClearSpan building to store our JOHNHOUSHMAND reclaimed wood slabs. A year ago, a snowfall of an impressive 54 inches caused the roof of one of our smaller slab storage units to collapse. Our entire slab inventory, which […]

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Meet MAX!

JOHNHOUSHMAND is excited to welcome a new addition to our team: Max Domingo Hidalgo! Max comes to us from Vitra with over nine years of professional Interior Design experience and a robust background in the history of architecture and design, acquired at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Munich. His extensive knowledge of […]

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We Had Some Snow….

Working in the north country can be a challenge in the depth of winter…. Last week’s snowstorm made for some interesting scenes…. (Needless to say, we all missed a day of work!)

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Working with our friends in Nicaragua, we used an expert chainsaw craftsman to carve a dished tabletop, carefully arc-cutting the back to create an elegant shape from an otherwise cumbersome tree section….

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Grand Canyon Table

After hoisting the components of this mammoth table up to a NYC Park Ave apartment on the roof of the elevator, the piece was assembled in situ. Engineered to come apart and back together perfectly, pitons and all, the finished piece is astounding for its design, elegance, craftsmanship, and engineering….

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The Search for Unique Woods

Unique logs are hard to find, hard to acquire responsibly, hard to take down, hard to truck, and generally a serious logistical challenge. But when the wood Santa arrives, it is so very worth it. Here two large black walnuts on the doorstep after a trip cross country. They were sourced from a homeowner who […]

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OUR SILVER BULLET! The Cast Aluminum “Slab”

Not content to receive nature’s blessings, we have decided to push the envelope…. Originally conceived as part of our “Retaliation Collection” (more about that later…), we have taken a selection of extraordinary slabs of wood, and made molds from them, casting them into aluminum slabs. With all the cool beauty of white metals, and the […]

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Sometimes the cycle of life is writ so large it makes your eyes pop… High in the Pacific Northwest a mammoth tree went into decline. Having lived at the confluence of two rivers, it grew to astounding proportions. The takedown history, and the resulting slabs, are also of astounding proportions. Each slab measuring 8′ WIDE […]

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Audio Slideshow: About John Houshmand

At  John Houshmand we like all sorts of toys including Dozuki saws, belt sanders, high-speed drills, huge chainsaws and other dangerous stuff that allows us to make our creations. But we also love digital MP3 recorders, hi-def video cameras, Twitter, Flip video recorders, Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and any other technology that helps us tell a good story […]

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Where in The World Are We?

View John Houshmand Locations in a larger map At John Houshmand, we believe in getting out of the office – way out. That’s why, in addition to our New York showroom in SOHO, and our state-of-the-art workshop in the Catskills of upstate, we also have a marvelous hideout called Tierra Adentro in Mexico. Located just […]

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