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Playing With Marbles

Every so often I get a hankering to bring in some new materials to work with and when it’s stone, there’s nothing quite like marble… Man has been using marble since the day he figured out how to cut and shape rock to do his bidding. I had some ideas on how it could do […]

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Singularly-harvested with Love

A lot of people ask us about where we get our beautiful slabs of wood, and the answer really is all around.  At JOHNHOUSHMAND we don’t harvest wood for our furniture but instead utilize trees that have been felled or damaged by storms, need to be cut down due to safety or otherwise.  Hobart, New […]

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Hyatt Regency Atlanta Front Desk

The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia, originally designed by Atlanta architect John Portman in 1967, is undergoing a transformation. This award-winning luxury hotel was the first contemporary atrium hotel in the world and at the time of opening was the tallest building in Atlanta. JOHNHOUSHMAND, in conjunction with tvsdesign, a design firm specializing in architectural, […]

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We Had Some Snow….

Working in the north country can be a challenge in the depth of winter…. Last week’s snowstorm made for some interesting scenes…. (Needless to say, we all missed a day of work!)

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Working with our friends in Nicaragua, we used an expert chainsaw craftsman to carve a dished tabletop, carefully arc-cutting the back to create an elegant shape from an otherwise cumbersome tree section….

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Grand Canyon Table

After hoisting the components of this mammoth table up to a NYC Park Ave apartment on the roof of the elevator, the piece was assembled in situ. Engineered to come apart and back together perfectly, pitons and all, the finished piece is astounding for its design, elegance, craftsmanship, and engineering….

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The Search for Unique Woods

Unique logs are hard to find, hard to acquire responsibly, hard to take down, hard to truck, and generally a serious logistical challenge. But when the wood Santa arrives, it is so very worth it. Here two large black walnuts on the doorstep after a trip cross country. They were sourced from a homeowner who […]

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Sometimes the cycle of life is writ so large it makes your eyes pop… High in the Pacific Northwest a mammoth tree went into decline. Having lived at the confluence of two rivers, it grew to astounding proportions. The takedown history, and the resulting slabs, are also of astounding proportions. Each slab measuring 8′ WIDE […]

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Just What the Heck is “Solid Character-Grade” Wood Anyway?

The industrial process of harvesting trees for wood products has become such a specialized method that only a very small percentage of trees are deemed usable. They must fit into a matrix that includes such considerations as log size, hardness, color and grain structure and aesthetics, mill-ability, weight, and more. As most wood products are […]

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