Our monumental screen with the carved iconography of the cosmology of the Hawaiian people…


Working with Marriott and artist Kaiwi Nui Yoon we crafted this masterpiece that is 20′ tall and almost 80′ in length. Slabs of 3″ thick wood are carved, glazed, burned, inlaid, and stained to yield an extraordinary work of art.


Go, visit, stay, experience…


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During its existence, the Berlin Wall represented the segregation and oppression the government of the German Democratic Republic imposed upon its people. When East and West Germany were reunified, overnight the Berlin Wall became the quintessential symbol of freedom, democracy and the ultimate end of the Cold War.


JOHNHOUSHMAND is honored to announce its acquisition of a rare section from the East German side of the Berlin Wall to be used in a unique sculptural furniture piece. The authenticated Berlin Wall slab measures 3′ x 8′ x 3 5/8″, weighs in at 800 pounds, and originates from a private collection originally procured from the Checkpoint Charley Museum in Berlin, circa 1990. Currently, John is believed to be one of the only designers in the world in possession of one of these unique pieces.


The Berlin Wall piece has been authenticated through petrographic analysis, which involved comparing a microscopic section with a control sample of known East German Berlin Wall. The results of this analysis were conclusive in showing the composition of both the known and unknown samples were identical.


The plan for the section held by JOHNHOUSHMAND is a dining room table, as seen in the just released rendering, to showcase this rare historical artifact. When asked what inspires him to create this piece, John replied: When the evolutionary force of humanity breaks down walls, and dissolves the oppression of decades, the opportunity to take an actual piece of that diabolical architecture and to elevate it into an artistic and symbolic work is so rare. The design challenge is to capture the darkness, transform it, and give it elegance and freedom… With craft, material marriages, and an inspired design that transformation is made real.

Berlin_blog_2John hopes upon hope this table serves not only as a functional sculptural fine art piece, but also a means to bring people together to encourage intelligent thought and discussion over the significance of such a historically relevant artifact’s past as well as what it can teach us for the present and future.

For more information on The Berlin Wall Table, please contact Heather Huber Miccio at 212-965-1238 or Further information as the piece is made will be available on the blog at

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IMMERSION: Becoming You at KATESHIN Gallery + Waterfall Mansion

An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the master, which will later enable him to express himself in his own language. – Henri Matisse

KATESHIN Gallery and Waterfall Mansion present Immersion, an invitation to the path of becoming you from January 28 to April 28, 2015.

The exhibition was created to be a space where one disconnects from multi-tasking and distractions of daily life to immerse in an environment that allows room to think and feel. Participating artists were asked to explore the theme of “origins” by using Nature as the catalyst and to create a “natural imprint” on all viewers.

JOHNHOUSHMAND was invited to provide moments in the exhibition for guests to perch or be seated while on their journey. It is our second union with KATESHIN Gallery and Waterfall Mansion of which we are most thankful to embrace.

If you would like to visit, through April 28th, Saturdays have been dedicated to tours. Kate Shin will personally be leading exclusive tours at 1 pm and 4 pm. Reservations can be made through JOHNHOUSHMAND and must be scheduled by 5 pm the Wednesday prior to desired viewing. Please contact us at or 212-965-1238.

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American Express has elevated airport travel with the unveiling of The Centurion
Lounges.  These destinations between destinations offer singular convenience,
luxury and pleasure.  Communal spaces as well as crafted nooks allow you to
relax, work and play or any combination thereof.

Amenities abound for pleasure and business travelers that leave you wanting for
nothing.  Hungry?  Locally inspired menus and premium bars crafted by culinary
leaders are perfect opportunities to indulge pre-flight.  Looking to finish up your
presentation? Semi-private or conference rooms are available and equipped with
high-speed wifi, data ports and power outlets.  Those on the road with children
can take advantage of the family room designed to be a lounge within a lounge
choc full of beanbags, games, books and movies.  And there is even more with
convenient member services desks, shower suites, and computer bars.

When looking to design these spaces to be as forward thinking in style as
services offered, American Express joined with Big Red Rooster.  The team there
turned to us to incorporate natural materials in wowing formations for showcase
pieces.  Forging this relationship is a proud moment for us and you can see our
work in every lounge with the presence of library tables, wine bars and side tables.

Currently open in Las Vegas, Dallas-Fort Worth, LaGuardia and San Francisco
with more to come soon, we hope you enjoy utilizing our items in these spaces
as much as we have enjoyed creating them.  For more information on the
lounges, please visit The Centurion Lounge and on Big Red Rooster.

Happy Trails.

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JOHNHOUSHMAND PROJECTS is delighted to open its door to a dear artist, friend, and family member, Roshan Houshmand.

Roshan lives and creates her art in Andes, New York, in the Catskill Mountains and has been an artist there and abroad for more than three decades.

Her “Sacred Spaces”, a collection of works invoking the east as a metaphor of the west and vice versa, will accompany you through a journey of inspiring relationships, symbols, patterns and chance.

Incorporating Asian designs, floral patterns and mirrors, elements of the east are integrated in a western context. Traditional decorative and symbolic motifs with the subtlest of mutations are transformed dramatically to assume familiar shapes; familiar only because the images speak with the appropriate elan for the western context of experience. The mood evoked is a perfect and harmonious mixture of the inexplicable mystery of Persian gardens and the transcendent spirituality of the western abstraction.

The exhibition includes works on paper, and oil and mixed media paintings on canvas.

Please come to welcome Roshan in our showroom on Thursday, May 15th 2014 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest.


Open Studio: May 15th to June 17th (10am – 6pm)

(For Friday visits, call 203.965.1238)


31 Howard Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013


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Spanning 4 floors of stairs and conference rooms, our stack wall has never been so monumental. Built from cuts of live edge Spalted Maple slabs, JOHNHOUSHMAND developed this stack wall application to find a way to take the dynamic outer edge of the tree and turn it into an Architectural System.

Appreciating not only the aesthetic value of this design, but also the sustainable value, HAVAS WORLDWIDE with TPG ARCHITECTURE chose this methodology to define the visual signature of their new NYC headquarters.  Embedded in the stack are Blackened Steel boxes that allow HAVAS to change display features dependent upon visiting clients or current campaigns. This is one example of how remarkable yet flexible this paneling is, and defines it as a distinctive option in not only commercial, but also hospitality and residential sites of any scale.

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JOHNHOUSHMAND PROJECTS in collaboration with Studio e Partners is proud to present recent works by STEVE BURNETT.
Steve is a friend, artist, fellow farmer, and overall amazing soul whose multi-faceted self translates boisterously on the page in his paintings. Off the page, he radiates these selves outward with no bounds.
When wearing his artist’s hat, Steve creates watercolors which are each a light point and labor of love. I would hope anyone with optimism, affection, mirth and wit will come visit with these dreamy visions. Maybe even adopt one and take it home to further inspire. They will not disappoint.
I hope you can join me at the showroom to fete Steve at the Artist’s Reception on Friday, February 7th, or at the Open Studio on Saturday, February 8th (RSVP required, please see below). I look forward to seeing you there and sharing the ethereal world of Steve’s conjuring.
Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest.


in collaboration with STUDIO e  PARTNERS

Artist Reception and Wine Tasting: Friday, February 7th | 6pm – 8pm

Open Studio: Saturday, February 8th | 10am – 1pm

31 Howard Street 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013

RSVP by January 31st, 2014:


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Art. Architecture. Real Estate. Luxury. Design. The triumvirate powerhouse of architect Inson Wood, real estate developer Kate Shin, and realtor royalty Ivanka Trump have teamed up to re-brand and re-launch The Waterfall Mansion on Manhattan’s upper East Side. And JOHNHOUSHMAND is thrilled to have been embraced in this lifestyle vision.

Featuring Manhattan’s tallest indoor waterfall, the interiors have been brilliantly executed by Inson Wood.  Conveying his passion about living with great art every day, Inson has installed a stellar range across style and media. With tapestries by Chagall and Picasso, carpets by DuBuffet, sculptures by Edwina Sandys, Murakami and Auguste Garufi, paintings by Warhol, Richter and Justin Bower

And, there is art as furniture.  Mixed in amongst all of these luminaries, also in an array of media, are multiple JOHNHOUSHMAND pieces.

We would love to take you on a personal tour of The Waterfall Mansion. Please call the showroom to schedule your exclusive visit 212-965-1238.

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Hard to choose a favorite amongst one’s own creations – – like choosing your favorite child – – but we’ve made our final submissions to Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” competition. We would be honored to have your support in the voting process.

Voting for the BOY is a bit tricky so we’ve put together some instructions to walk you through. Voting is underway and will run until October 11th.

Interior Design Magazine’s Best of  Year Awards


Voting Instructions

1. Register by clicking “My Account” in the navigation bar. You cannot vote without being registered. Once registration is complete, it will return you to the voting page.

2. Click the orange “Vote” button in the upper right corner of your favorite design to make your selection.

3. Make sure to press the right arrow (>) from the bar labeled .

Once on it with the cursor, the arrow (>) will change into “Next” after each category in order to place your vote.

4. You are asked to vote in EVERY CATEGORY. In fact, your votes will not be submitted unless you make a selection in ALL CATEGORIES.

Hey – good design is always worth perusing.

You can find our work in these categories

Furniture: Contract/Desking 0184 Black Walnut Desk with Acrylic Legs

Furniture: Contract/Tables 0273 Engineered Log Table AND 0268 Black Walnut Table with Slate Insert

Furniture: Residential/Dining Tables 0262.1 Acrylic Slab Dining Table with Black Walnut Microslab

Materials and Surfaces Live Edge Stacked Spalted Maple Wall Panel System

Seating: Residential/Lounge 0044.5 Acrylic Headboard with Black Walnut Microslab



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“Consciousness over physics,” describes how John views the challenge of combining diverse materials in unexpected ways. Fusing two elements, whose inherent properties appear completely contrary, into a beautiful and fully functional piece of art is why many seek JOHNHOUSHMAND creations.

Havas Worldwide, one of the leading global advertising and communications companies, commissioned us to create a communal table for their break room that would facilitate the ever-changing creative process. Monumental in scale at 24’ long, they asked if we could incorporate a “chalk board” feature with our signature live-edge wood aesthetic. Additionally, the wood used had to meet their deep commitment to sustainability.

Using a tree that was downed in a nor’easter, we began. Turning two live-edges of high character black walnut in towards the center of the table, and creating mating live-edges in Italian slate, Table No. 0268 comes alive with touch, kiss, and flow. Elevated on blackened steel legs with a stiletto heel curve, this communal table invites the firm’s creative talent to gather for sustenance as well as stimulation. Coffee in one hand, chalk in the other, No. 0268 invites all to gather and brainstorm.

Chalk it up to Houshmand to design and create a venue to bring creative ideas to the planet.

Check out this great time lapse of No. 0268 being installed! Created by the amazing team at TPG Architecture!

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